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The following is a summary of the main relocation services offered by Relocations Ltd. Our services can be split into two areas: Immigration Services and Destination Services

Our A-Z of services are also listed below with a short description. If you are interested in any of these services, or simply have a 'special request', please ask us. Please note that we also relocate people OUT of Slovenia. We offer both ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE services.

We also have special packages for foreign Diplomats and European Union agency staff. Our services are either provided directly by Relocations Ltd or by our pre-checked, professional providers and specialists. All managed and coordinated by us.

​We provide all types of immigration permits for individual and corporate clients, including; Work Permit, Work Registration, Residence Permit, Tax Registration, Address Registration, Business Visa…

Independent Home Search, Moving Service, School / Kindergarten Search, Childcare (Babysitter) Service Arrival Service, Departure Service, Preview Visit, Settling In Service, Orientation, Property Management / Maintenance, Translation & Interpretation etc.

Independent Home Search

6 Reasons to use our Independent Home Search Service…

  1. Independent – we represent only you!
  2. Access to whole market via landlords, advertising, agents
  3. Access to non-advertised properties – not all available properties are publicly advertised
  4. We show you what you want – not just what we have
  5. No time wasting – due to our professional, in-depth needs analysis questionnaire
  6. Special service for Diplomats!

This is our most popular service. We are the only professional providers of an independent home search service in Slovenia. We are not a real estate broker, which means we can access the whole market. We do not work with landlords / brokers who do not meet ours and our client’s professional and transparent high standards!

Our independent home search fee is a fixed fee and can be much lower cost than the cost of a real estate agency fee. Our specialist legal advisers ensure that the lease contract has all the necessary terms to protect your legal rights. Our job is to guide you through the process with independent advice including:

  • Full needs assessment by email and telephone
  • Pre-selection of suitable properties before the home search starts
  • Fully accompanied property viewings
  • Professional consultancy on best practices
  • Lease negotiation
  • Supervision of works to be completed on the property
  • Management of the property handover
  • Telephone support throughout the process
  • Ongoing support after the property rental begins

Departure Services​
​A great service for expatriates or Slovenes leaving Slovenia. We take care of all immigration, apartment lease termination, property handover, de-registrations, closing utilities, mail forwarding, out-bound move management and much more. It means you and your family can enjoy your last week’s / days in Slovenia, and leave you with happy stress-free memories. :)

Residence Permit​
​RP’s are required for all citizens (including EU/EEA) living and / or working in Slovenia. There are very few exceptions to the rule. RP’s should be renewed annually or depending on the residence permit validity.

Tax Registration
TR’s are required for all workers in Slovenia and also for non-workers who want to use other services, such as a local bank account.

Work Permit​​
​WP’s are required for non-EU/EEA citizens working in Slovenia. There are very few exceptions to the rule. WP’s should be renewed annually or depending on other factors such as work contract, residence permit and EU/non-EU status.​

Work Registration
WR’s are generally required for EU/EEA citizens working in Slovenia. Previously it was an ‘option’, but now the ministry is requesting the registrations to be done.

Vehicle Registation​​​
​We can assist you to register / de-register your local or imported vehicle to Slovenia.
We can also assist you with applying for your Slovenian driving license and assistance with lessons.

Police Registration
PR’s are sometimes required for all citizens working and living in Slovenia. Legally, all foreigners in Slovenia should register with the Police within 72 hours, if they have not registered in another system (e.g. hotel, residence permit process etc.).

Business Visa
​Business Visas are either required by law, or can be helpful in many circumstances when foreign individuals or companies wish to work or do business in Slovenia.

Address Registration
AR’s are required by all expatriates living in Slovenia. You can be registered at a hotel / hostel, or at an apartment etc. Address Registration usually needs to be renewed annually – depending on your residence permit validity dates.

Temporary Accommodation
​We advise you on all options regarding temporary accommodation, including hotel, serviced apartment or hostel. We have the experience and local knowledge to you choose the right location and then to secure the best possible conditions / prices.

Settling In Services
The first days / weeks / months in a new city / country can provide many challenges for a corporate expatriate and their family. We provide support to you and your family at every level, making sure you get on with work / life, stress-free! 24/7 helpline, concierge service and language support is just one phone call away.

Child Care Coordination Services
& (Guaranteed Replacement Service!)

​We provide pre-checked, reliable, first aid trained child carers / babysitters for all your childcare needs. Our carers also provided either educational, musical or language skills for your child. Our exclusive 'guaranteed replacement service' means you won't worry about your child-carer cancelling 'last minute' and ruining your plans.

Orientation Services
Our orientation service helps you and your family to settle in quickly so you feel at home as soon as possible. Service includes detailed explanation on everything from public transport use, shopping habits, health facilities, places to eat, so you can benefit from our great local experience. We also provide a wealth of local knowledge and will always find solutions.

Vehicle Registration / De-registration​
Registering, importing or exporting a vehicle can be complex and time consuming. We offer a full registration service ensuring the process is smooth and stress-free (almost).

Diplomatic Services
We can provide all services that Diplomats, the families and their embassies may need. Including our exclusive rental property search, buying a diplomatic car and much more.

Driving License
A Slovenian driving license is required or not required, depending on whom you ask and who you are! At Relocations, we tell you what you should do, what some others actually do, and then let you make the decision yourself. Simple. :)

Move Management / Coordination
We can help you coordinate and manage moving your goods, even if you have already chosen your moving service company. Dealing with movers and other tasks can get complicated and time consuming. You can use our ‘SPOC’ service to do it all!

International Moving Services
Many of our corporate clients prefer to have all steps of their relocation managed from one office. We can assist you with a full moving service (local or international) or just local assistance in Slovenia.
We can help you find, negotiate and choose the best moving service for your needs, if you are arriving or leaving Slovenia. We organise the movers to provide you with quotes for just a few boxes, or a whole household. We can always find a suitable price/service for you.

The Preview Visit
We provide expatriates and their families with practical knowledge and an honest overview of living and working in Slovenia. This is especially useful for expatriates who are in the final stages of deciding to relocate to Slovenia, or not. We are experienced at managing these important and sometimes highly confidential visits successfully, to the delight of our corporate clients and expatriates.

Tenancy Management​
​Negotiating an apartment lease contract can sometimes be difficult and time consuming, especially because of language and cultural obstacles. We take care of all the issues relating to a tenancy including lease contract negotiations, extensions, modifications and terminations and any issues arising.

Cultural Training for... Business
Business Briefings are for individuals or groups, as requested. Business Briefings are made for new expatriates working in Slovenia, including practical advice & assistance to help you build business relationships and working in a Slovenian / regional environment. The course covers local working practices, cultural habits, management and business ethics etc.

Cultural Training for... Families
Family Briefings are designed to help the whole family understand the local culture they are entering. The course helps families overcome any concerns about their new environment in an atmosphere of support and with expert help. Family Briefings can also be offered in cooperation with child psychologists, if the family requests.

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